Tips From a Reputable Wood Flooring Expert

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Floors

It is everyone’s hope that their floors will last as long as possible. If properly installed and cared for, many types of high-quality wood flooring can last for decades. However, there are times when the warning signs are too obvious to ignore, and it’s time to call professionals to replace the flooring. There are a few ways to tell if it’s time to replace your floors:

Antique Floors

Various flooring materials have a wide range of expected lifespans; however, all can be significantly extended through diligent upkeep. However, if the floors in question are several decades old and show obvious signs of wear and tear, replacing them may be more cost-effective than attempting repairs.

Crumbling Sounds

Makes strange noises when you walk on it? That could be a sign of a damaged subfloor. When the subfloor is rotting or otherwise damaged, it can lead to further complications and even make the floor unsafe. It would be wise to look for a suitable replacement.

Extensive Damage

Floors are not invincible, despite common belief. Wood floors are vulnerable to damage from water, termites, and other elements, while tiles can shatter if dropped or stepped on. Damage to the feet can be evaluated by a professional who can then advise on whether or not to repair them.

Uneven Surfaces

Moistness and water damage are the most common causes of floor inconsistency. Bumpy floors at home or in the workplace pose a severe safety risk. If the flooring starts to buckle or become bumpy, it must be replaced.

Selling the House

If you plan on selling your home soon, now is also an excellent time to remove the old, worn-out flooring and install something new. You can get more money when you sell your house by upgrading to new beds.

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